Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The kids know...

Gharitt said he wants another sister- Chelsea said she wants a baby..

Friday, January 6, 2012

WHEW....Weekly spending

It's been a long time since I've posted here- what was I thinking..
My goal for this year is to save money- dont buy unneeded things-which include soda, junk food (except for the kids- they have to have fun), clothes, decorations for the house- you name it- i dont need it.
I want to try and save 400.00 a month- my cash allowance is 200.00 per week.
So I need to only spend a 100.00 per week- thats 20.00 in gas and 80.00 in groceries-seriously-we dont need that much groceries- I can do this! I know i have 45.00 left- but i actually already updated the savings ticker with 120.00-so trying to stick to that !

So I got my cash out on 1/5 $200.00
Already I have spent
15.00 gas- hope this holds me til next thurs :)
12.00 dog food
20.00 dr office
6.00 BB- eggs,oven pizza
2.00-kids donut holes- they were extremely happy :)
Balance so far: 145.00 left

And we all know the weekends are the hardest! I know I have enough meals in the freezer for us, but with the extra 25.00- i need to buy milk, bread and lunches and breakfast food for the kids lunches- french toast, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, string cheese, tortillas...i hope i can make the 25.00 budget- its going to be a close one- i'll see what i have to cut out when i get to the store- but this budget must be done...

To be continued on Monday..
Where I'll try and decide- what am I savings for- besides just the savings account- i have a 100.00 credit to Discount tires which has to be used by Jan 25th- and you have 2 buy 2 tires- so looks like some of my savings will go to new tires- oh well- gotta do it and at least its not on the unneeded list :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 12,839

Yepp- that's the number of days I've been alive. Geez- I can't really tell if that's alot-looking at it that way or not. I don't really feel - REAL old....Let's see how much I can type- or rumble- for real if I get boring- just quit reading. I wonder-if I just count my days- when would you celebrate a birthday- every 1000 days or something? Makes me go hmmm....
I wish I had kept better notes for my kids for when they get older- like- this is what you said when you were 2 years old and then I wonder would they even care-who knows. I guess i'll just post the things that I want too- I tell you those kids say the cutiest things. They crawl in bed with me-in the middle of the night- like ghost or something- I dont know how they do it- I never even wake up. One night I'll just have to stay awake to catch them in the act and then PUT them right back in their beds or scare them so bad that they won't want to come back..
I think we should live a life with a little less stress each day- I mean if we are suppose to count our days- who cares about what might happen tomorrow...and definietly who cares about what happened yesterday b/c we definietly cant change that...We should just focus on what is going on today...And today- well what is going on- let's see- I'm trying to blog to keep track of that :) Ok- this is tough b/c I am making memories for my kids to review one day-but then again- I'm trying to not look at the future. So I guess I'm just blogging to jot down anything that is in my head- so what's in my head-my kids will never see this blog- who am i kidding- it will be lost in space- by the time they get old enough- this computer thing we know of maybe a thing of the past. I mean if today was my last day- my husband wouldnt even know how to find this blog- that he probably doesnt even remember I started.
Just my neighbor-who says she wont get tired of reading- so its up to you to give my blog to my family...UGH- why am I thinking like this...b/c my friend is gone and i should have been there more for her and i try not to beat myself up b/c i cant change the past...and i want to help the family she left behind, but i dont know how. I guess this is what my blog is all about- writing what I feel. And I'm still in pain for them.
What if today was my last- what would i want my kids to know about their mother....To my kids....when your older- you'll hear people say- you are the love of my life- it's true...you brought joy and happiness like nothing else I had ever felt before, i'll skip the part where you jump on the couch and i say the word NO- at least 10 times a day. To my son- when I saw you for the first time- the first thing i said to your dad was- let's do that again..
To my daughter- when I saw you for the first time- the first thing i said to your dad was- you look just like Nanny- and now i know- you are bullheaded just like her too and oh my- your Nanny would talk loud-just like you- or did you get that from me..
I love you two more than I could ever type-to tell you. I'm glad I actually am writting this b/c "many days" from now, b/c we arent counting years- my kids might ask me- mom- what did you say when you first saw me and i might not remember....oh my- hopefully i wont lose this blog...I know i did it again- looking into the future- man this is hard to do- to stay focused on just TODAY...and how hard is it to write something about yourself- it's so hard...
It's just so hard to not think about tomorrow b/c that's all i've know for 12,839 days- i wake up every day and do some of the same routines....But we can't let that slip away- that our days are numbered....UGH

Blah Blah Blah!

Have I updated my blog lately- UMM NOPE - Am I living each day to the fullest- I'm not sure- I tell my kids I love them everyday- I have taken them places-more than just on wednesday during the week. UGH- this blogging thing sure is tough and once again- I feel like i need a new start and a new title- so out with the old- and in with the new....But surely I wont try and not live each day to the fullest- I mean GOD says-we should count our days!!! So far I'm on Day 12,839....And that's it- the new blog title...Count your days and my subject line will be what day I am on.....and then I'll just blog about whatever comes to my mind- I wonder what that will be? Going to give it a try....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday # 1

The heat is so hot here in TEXAS, so we needed to stay indoors. I took the kids to McDonald's play land for about an hour after work. They loved it- and there was actually big kids there -so that was good- they love playing with kids and Chlesea needed a push to get to the last spot to go down the slide-so they lifted her up :) I took pictures- but of couse i dont have them with me right now. I'll post them later.

Monday, July 25, 2011


It took me awhile, but I know what I need to do now. I need to stop asking for HELP and live each day to the fullest-knowing I gave it my ALL. NO REGRETS!
If I am able- then I should do it. Years to come AND they will come- my kids won't need me as much and I'll miss doing everything for them. It's already happened really- I mean- they don't need me to hold them as much-they don't want me to hold them that much.

It's so hard trying to find the words to type here, but this is my journey to giving it my all.
When I come home from work- I'm not going to sit on the couch.
When they go outside and play- I wont sit in the chair and just watch them anymore.
I'll play with them and entertain them.

I want to set traditions for my kids. Wednesday's will be....go out day! I'll take them to the park or somewhere to break up our week. Maybe even bbq hotdogs down by the lake- that will be a new one- I've never ever used a bbq pit before- BUT- I dont see why I cant figure it out and start doing it.

I'll take more pictures and post them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's almost my b-day!

And last year on my b-day I decided it was time to stop bitting my nails after doing it all my life and I did it! My nails are so pretty and I love them and am not ashamed on my nails and hands anymore.

Well time for a new challenge- nope -its not going to be about weight loss- but I'm not sure what it will be...any ideas?

I have to make a decision soon though.